Hike #7: A Cruise along the Contour Path

This walk was pronounced “far too easy” by everyone, except Alison, who argued and grumbled the ENTIRE way from the Rhodes Mem parking lot up to the blockhouse.

Hike Details

Distance: 8.5km

Duration: 2h41

Elevation gain: 325m

Starting elevation: 192m

Max elevation: 454m

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.15.56 PM

Contour Path Hike highlights:

  • Almost getting run over by mountain bikers because you’re walking up their single track route.
  • Sitting on the canon at the block house and behaving like total tourists.
  • Keeping cool in the shady indigenous forest.
  • Not having sore legs afterwards.

After-hike eating: Kirstenbosch Tea Room for scones and jam. That’s all you’ll have earned after this little saunter. Sorry!

Photos from the Contour Path Cruise


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