Hike #8: Blinkwater Ravine Sunset Hike

This was our first attempt at an afternoon hike, and none of us was particularly thrilled about it at first, because it was a darned hot afternoon, and humid, and it was Not Elegant At All. Complaining (mostly done by Alison) only lasted until we started up Blinkwater, and then we were all overtaken by the beauty and excitement of this ‘closed’ route.

Unfortunately I don’t have any hike details for this one, because Map My Run got super confused by a tiny little overhang that we sat under for 10 minutes, and decided not to Map This Hike at all. (I’ll try to spare you the rant about why on earth, when Map My Run loses the GPS signal, it behaves like a toddler in a grocery store and either zigzags 10km out to sea 10 times looking for you (and includes that on your hike) or just decides to give up and have a tantrum on the floor, instead of doing the sensible grown-up thing and waiting quietly in one place for you to reappear. Oh, sorry, that was the rant after all.)

Anyway, I’m fairly sure we started at the Theresa Avenue parking lot at around 5pm and got back a little after 9pm. That’s all I can give you.

Blinkwater Ravine Hike Highlights:

  • Hiking a route that some of us have walked past for 15 years without ever going up.
  • The amazing old trees and dramatic rocky overhangs.
  • Losing the path and finding it again and having to climb up loads of loose rocks without breaking any ankles (see disclaimer below).
  • Making it to the top of the mountain just in time for a spectacular sunset.
  • Walking down Kasteelspoort in the dark and enjoying the sight of Lion’s Head looking like a volcano with the city lights like lava around it.

After-hike eating: Alison’s house for piles of home-made pizza with lots and lots of wine.

Disclaimer for responsibility reasons: We only did this route because one of our group – an experienced mountaineer – had done it recently and was confident that we were all fit and experienced enough to do it too. Routes with ‘closed’ signs are more dangerous than recommended routes, and people have been injured on this route in the past.

Blinkwater Ravine Sunset Hike Photos

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