Hike #6: Porcupine Ravine and Valken Labyrinth

This was first hike that Frank joined the 52 Hikists for. Given that Frank is much more of a cross-fit person than a hikist, we all thought he did very well.

As Alison only brought 5 chocolate muffins for four people for a 5-hour hike, we didn’t do a particularly thorough exploration of Valken Labyrinth, so we didn’t go and find the penny that is apparently embedded in a rock on top of it. We were far more interested in getting back down the mountain as fast as possible to find the perfect pizza.

Hike details

Distance: 12.8km

Duration: 5h21

Elevation Gain: 799

Starting Elevation: 260

Max Elevation: 933Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 8.46.10 AM

Highlights of the Porcupine Ravine Hike

  • The scramble up Porcupine Buttress
  • An amble through the Valley of the Red Gods with loads of King Proteas in bud
  • Exploring Valken Labyrinth
  • Definitely not the long slog back along the Pipe Track (the Pipe Track has been voted out of any future hikes).

After-hike eating: Carlyle’s on Derry for pizza and beer. And then a jolly good nap.

Photos of this hike

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