Hike #29: Noordhoek Peak

Hikes are a bit like cockroaches. At first you just notice one. Then you start spotting more and more and more of them. Unlike cockroaches, however, this fills you with a sense of delight, rather than disgust. (Unless, perhaps, you are an unfit entomologist.)

And so, it was when we hiked to Constantiaberg, that I spotted another trail looping around in the other direction and decided to return on a sunny summer’s day to do it. This was chiefly so that I could swim in Silvermine Dam again afterwards, but this time have a picnic there with cold beers. (It is the most perfect picnic spot.) However, the hike itself turned out to be a most beautiful insect.

Hike Details

Distance: 9.5km

Duration: 2h30 of walking, 4 hours total with lots of stops

Difficulty: Easy

Directions we used: Slingsby’s Silvermine & Hout Bay Map

Parking: Silvermine dam parking lot

Post hike eating place: Silvermine dam for cold beers, a picnic, and a swim

Remember: To bring your MyGreen Card, Wild Card or entry fee for Silvermine.

Highlights of this hike

  • Every excellent view you could wish for.
  • Lying down with our heads hanging off rocks to look at all the excellent views upside down (try it sometime).
  • A fantastic variety of flowers in bloom.
  • Discovering that the weird piece of grass that I thought looked like an insect, actually did contain an insect.
  • Finding an epic lookout spot and discovering that Ted had carried a bottle of wine the whole way there.
  • Drinking Ted’s excellent bottle of red and eating Lindt chocolate on the edge of a cliff.
  • Swimming in Silvermine Dam and guzzling sandwiches and beers in the sun after the hike.

Photos of the Noordhoek Peak hike

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