Hike #26: Woody Buttress and Woody Ravine

There’s really not that much to say about this hike. Apart from Alison willfully misinterpreting the trail directions at the start and making everyone march in the wrong direction along the Pipe Track for 10 minutes before turning around and marching back again, we didn’t get lost. The weather was perfect. The route was fun and easy. There was lots and lots of scrambling and rock hopping, but it was only just challenging enough to make us feel like we were clever little ibex, while never becoming difficult enough to make anyone – even Wanda and Alison – get The Fear.

Hike details

Distance: 7.6 km (with 520m elevation gain)

Duration: 4 hours

Trail directions we used: The Woody Buttress and Woody Ravine routes from pages 223 and 224 of Tony Lourens’s Table Mountain Classics.

Parking: At the top of Theresa Avenue in Camps Bay (and whoooo boy, it gets busy there on weekend mornings.)

Post hike eating place: Beleza, so you can watch all the late people stuck in the traffic jam going up Kloof Nek while you drink beer and feel smug.

Highlights of this hike

  • Excellent scrambling and rock-hopping up Woody Buttress.
  • Discovering the super easy and spectacular descent route of Woody Ravine, which is even easier and nicer than Kasteelspoort.
  • The usual ridonculous views that you think we’d take for granted by now, but somehow don’t.

Photographs of the Woody Buttress hike

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