Hike #9: Devil’s Peak Lookout Sunset Stroll

Whaddaya know? Two sunset hikes in a row. It was something of a miracle that this hike was done at all, since it was a Thezday, and Alison wanted to Phuza. But it was two against one (and since one of the two was Ginny, it was really 2,000 against one) so it happened and everyone agreed that it turned out to be Very Good Indeed and Totally Worth It.

Alison refused to use Map My Run this time, however, because she was still peeved about its pathetic behaviour on the last hike (and several other hikes before that) and felt that someone else could start taking responsibility for logging that kind of information seeing as she was already taking all the photographs and isn’t really a record-keeping type anyway. So there.

(If it helps, you park at the end of Tafelberg Rd just by the barrier, take the path up from there that’s closest, and then, from the Lookout hut, take the path to the neck and then back down from there.)

Highlights of this hike

  • Getting away from your desk and from being a fat lump on a weekday afternoon
  • The dramatic backdrop of a dark grey table cloth pouring over the front of Table Mountain, lit by the setting sun
  • The pleasant little scramble to the old Lookout hut ruins
  • The scenic circular return route along the upper contour path

After-hike eating: The Blue Marlin in Observatory for all-you-can-eat sushi and cheap draft beer.

Photos from the Devil’s Peak Lookout Hike

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